In 2023, Travis Barker set out on an unforgettable global tour with Blink182, leaving behind a trail of extraordinary live performances. Capturing the essence of these iconic shows, Trophy has proudly collaborated with Travis to curate a unique collection of tour-used, show-played memorabilia throughout the 2023 World Tour and recording of Blink182's latest album One More Time.

This exclusive offering features a range of items, each meticulously cataloged and authenticated by Trophy and personally signed by Travis Barker. Setting a new standard in memorabilia presentation, each piece is encased in a high-end, museum-grade Trophy Case, designed not just to showcase but to preserve these priceless artifacts of music history.

Elevating the experience, every item is accompanied by Trophy’s multi-layer authentication system. This includes a serialized aluminum plaque and a certificate of authenticity, also signed by Travis, ensuring the genuineness of your piece. These aren't just signed items; they're fully authenticated pieces of history.

A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to Lost But Not Forgotten CA.